The return process....looking through a wider lens

Four months ago I had my superior labrum (SLAP) repaired in my right shoulder.  A common injury with volleyball players.  I had gone through two knee surgeries in my days, but every injury has its own set of challenges.  One peace I could rest in is that I had “done it before.”  There is some power and faith stemmed from past procedures and experiences.  The challenge I always face is becoming too narrow minded during the rehab process.  Frustrated with where you think your “progress should be.”  If I look at an example of a week of rehab...Monday through Wednesday I’m crushing it, and then Thursday and Friday I am forced to shut the engine down due to pain and fatigue.  I begin processing what I did wrong or why it reacted that way.   It is easy to feel you’ve taken 3 steps backwards, but as my wise coach told me, even though you had to shut it down for two days, you are still stronger and further along in the process then you were two weeks ago or even a month ago.  That mindset helped me take a step back and look at my progress with a different set of eyes.  Ones with a wider lens.  It has allowed me to find peace and celebrate the little victories in my climb back to 100%.   Celebrate the layers you add daily...whether it be rest, cutting back on exercises, or just believing that whatever you do today is adding to the bigger picture…a day of rest is still adding to the strength of your full recovery.  

A big thank you to the AMAZING USA training and strength staff: Jill Wosmek, Tim Pelot. and Dr. William Stetson for joining forces and paving my road to recovery.  Wouldn't be where I am without all of you.