World Gran Prix

For those of you who do not know what the FIVB World Gran Prix is a bit of insight...

  • What is it? A 4, but this year, 5 week tournament featuring 20 teams from all over the world.  
  • The first 3 weeks are pool play, and the top teams will qualify for finals week (week 5) in Sapporo, Japan. 
  • Our first week takes us to Campinas, Brazil where we will face Russia, Poland, and Brazil.  Second week:  Serbia.  Third week: Japan
  • If we qualify for finals, we will stay in Japan and train on week 4 and then the finals are on week 5.  Return home Sept. 2!
  • more information visit

So before I give the weather report here in Campinas, I have a to say a few things.  I believe it has been said by multiple people already, but we have a special group of women in the USA gym.  An environment has been created this summer where taking risks and the courage to be vulnerable are becoming a large part of our team recipe. I believe those two factors are front-running our team's growth not only in skill, but trust, at a pretty solid rate.  Of course it is only year one, and there is a ton of room for improvement, but let's just say it is a recipe for something special.  

Campinas.  In case you guys weren't aware, it is actually winter here in Brazil....

75 and no humidity....

anyways, we have had the chance to  "get out" and walk around the past couple days during the afternoon to adjust to the time change (4 hours ahead of PST) and enjoy these wintery conditions.   

The food has been wonderful.  Pretty sure I've never had a banana or mango taste this fresh. 

We've also enjoyed practicing in some distracting locations to prep us for the crowds we will face this weekend.  Yesterday's strobe lights and today's power washer, diesel fuel, and a fresh coat of paint...headwinds. Love it.

USA vs RUSSIA tomorrow....