A look back to London through the eyes of an 11 year old...

Hi Christa’s devoted fans, family, and friends! I’m Christa’s cousin Alexia. It’s crazy to think that when I got back to the US after cheering at the Summer Olympics in London with my family,  I saw my cousin, Christa, in a lot of newspapers and I thought to myself, how could I be related to an Olympian? The answer is that Christa worked so hard to make this possible. She started out in seventh grade playing a sport that she enjoyed, and ended up 13 years later living out her dream in the 2012 Olympics. When I found out that Christa had been chosen to help represent our country in the Olympics I thought, ‘Wow my cousin is in the Olympics’. And then I started jumping for joy. I was so proud of her in that moment I couldn’t think of anything else. Christa had fulfilled her dream and we were all so proud of her.

 My experience in London started out with one red tissue paper wrapped package. Actually my best friend knew about it before I did! I was in the middle of a movie when my parents brought my sister Emily and I upstairs into our kitchen and handed us each a package. I opened mine and saw a shirt. I was kind of disappointed because just the other day I found out my dad was going to London to watch Christa in the Olympics, but I remembered my manners and thanked my parents. Then my mom said to keep opening it. I did and saw a plane ticket and a piece of paper. I looked more closely at the piece of paper and saw the words ‘One ticket to London’ and ‘Alexia Mutkus’. I then pieced it together and started running around thanking my parents. I was going to London!

On the flight over I was mostly thinking about how annoying it was when my sister Emily sprawled out on her chair with her arms and legs all over me. And how cool the entertainment system was. And of course how amazing it was that I was going to London to see my cousin in the Olympics! My head was being blown by all the madness of actually going to London to see the Olympics!

 The experience was awesome. What really strikes me as funny is how hard it was to get tickets, and yet there were a lot of empty seats! It wasn't that people didn't want to see it, but more that tickets were so hard to obtain. Even down in the nice, close up rows, there were empty seats. What I want to know is why? So many people paying to get seats way up in the top of the arena, when there were empty seats in some of the best rows!

 My favorite part was being there with my family. We had a lot of fun! My aunt Connie, uncle Rob, Nathan, Alyssa, Grandmother, uncle Alec, Emily, and my dad were all there and we had a great time. My aunt Connie, Alyssa, and I talked in British accents, we went sightseeing, and to nice restaurants, rode double decker buses and much, much more! I had a lot of fun in London!

 The funniest thing that happened to me in London had to be when we were supposed to meet Christa for lunch with the rest of the family, but went to the wrong mall, on the wrong side of London, and then when we finally thought we got to the right place, the location was changed! It was pretty funny because everyone else had lunch with Christa while we were on the other side of London. It ended okay because my grandmother and uncle Alec came to meet us and went sightseeing with us. We went to Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace.

 My entire experience in London was amazing and I had a lot of fun. I am super proud of Christa and without her I wouldn’t have even been in London! I am so proud of the USA team and, of course my cousin Christa.

 Thanks for reading!!!!!

~ Alexia


Alexia (left)..Emily (right) decked out in their USA gear in London

Alexia (left)..Emily (right) decked out in their USA gear in London