A 3 day challenge

How many times a day do you check social media?  Let's be real, most of you probably don't even know the number.

Last week I decided to challenge myself.  3 day social media detox to see how else I spend my time. I've done a week long "social media detox" before, which was a good wake up call, but then eventually you go back to your normal ways.  What about a random 3 day detox? 

Here were some realizations for me during my 3 day detox.

1.  I found myself subconsciously checking social media without even realizing it.  That was scary. 

2. I was MUCH more aware of my surroundings and people around me.  "Noticing" people and the activity around me...not through a computer or phone screen. 

3. I engaged in more human to human conversation and interaction.  Left my phone in my purse and unless someone was calling, texting me, or sending me an email, the phone served no other purpose.

4. I felt like I had more time during the day and rarely felt rushed to the next activity.  (We waste time on social media..a lot of time)

5. I found myself more in the present.  

What are your realizations?

I challenge you.