Happy New Year

It's one thing to set New Year's resolutions, but another to have those around you hold you accountable and encourage you in those resolutions...

Last year I was welcomed into a tradition of sharing.  At the end of each year my in-laws sit around the fire to reflect on the past year and then set goals and dreams for the following year. We share something positive about the year or maybe a goal we accomplished.  We then share a growth area that may lead to a goal in 2015.  Is there something we can improve? Is there an area that requires change? It's a very powerful and encouraging time.

We record these goals and reflections in a journal and refer to them throughout the year.  Here are a few examples of goal-setting categories.  






I encourage you all to find a family member, a friend, or both and reflect on 2014 and share your goals of 2015.  

Let's go get 2015!