Unplugging to rest

My husband, Derek and I decided to take our Honeymoon several months after our wedding when our schedules (specifically mine) settled down a bit.  Even though our lives are quieter this season of the year, we still found ourselves having a difficult time disconnecting from the outside noise and thoughts of our daily lives.  I think that probably goes for anyone these days, with connection at our fingertips...literally. 

We were in a beautiful, all-inclusive resort, right on the ocean in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico.  You wouldn't think it would be that tough to unplug and relax, but it was hard to let go of what was happening at home because we were so use to being "connected". 


The first couple days we continued reading the books we had been reading back home, that both involved leadership and mindset.  Not that there was anything wrong with these books, but we found ourselves having a difficult time "shutting off" our brains from work-related scenarios.  So we put down those books and downloaded books that had nothing to do with our daily lives.  I chose a Marc Cameron thriller and my husband chose something about Wall Street.  Those books were our ticket to unplugging and settling into mental rest.  

Experiencing rest, meant we needed to unplug from thoughts of our daily life. 






P.S.  We stayed at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit.  Sidenote: I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quiet, upscale all-inclusive resort, with incredible service and cleanliness.  http://vallarta.grandvelas.com/