When in RIO..

Today we add a few more to our "Roomies" Scott: Father in Law of Christa, great to have him join the team, great person,  great perspective, Lindsay: Sister in Law of Christa, she is now the flag carrier taking the place of Hannah P that had to return to life in the states, Lindsay the first Dietzen fan of Christa and USA Volleyball ...way back...briefed her brother before their first date ...Nolan: Brother of Christa, has been supporting his sister since her days at Our Lady of Fatima second grade basketball team, calls his sister Chri, pronounces Cree, both Christa's brothers have attended all her highschool and most of her states and international tournaments since the Junior National Team,  went on all her college recruiting visits and her college NCAA finals and visited her overseas while playing professionally, they are so proud of her!


 The Roomies make their way over to the stadium to cheer USA on against Italy...Team USA fights their way through 4 games against Italy-team work, skill, tenacity win out! 


We get some family time in and the "midnight marauders" they are calling themselves, take in beach volleyball game....


enter in their leader...Rob "Without getting into detail of how the opportunity for tickets to USA beach volleyball came about, let's just say about 7 pm after many in our group had just traveled for over 24 hours to join us in Rio, someone asked what time does USA Kerry Walsh Jennings and April Ross play? The answer was "midnight", ouch many of us just looked at each other, and within seconds we had 4 say "I'm in".   We headed off at 11pm , luckily the venue built just for beach volleyball is just a few short blocks away from our apartment on Cococabana beach.  What a great atmosphere, you walk to the venue in sand, you go through security in the sand, 10 foot waves crashing in the background, so cool!   Anyway we head up the portable grandstands to our seats that were pretty high, but great to see all that was happening, loud vibrant music constantly, announcers getting the crowd into it, high intensity roaming spotlights even out on the waves crashing next to the venue.  What a great Olympic experience!  Then we get to watch probably the greatest beach player of all time work her magic with her newest teammate April Ross.  I can't say enough about how good a player Kerry Walsh is!  The plays she made were incredible, her anticipation of what's going to take place before it actually does is something to see for sure!  Then you say to yourself she is playing at this Olympic level at 37 years old, and after also having three children.  Just so you know, I like Michael Phelps, and think he was worthy of carrying the USA flag in the opening ceremonies, but I voted for Kerry Walsh Jennings, and am glad I did, she is incredible.  They beat Italy easily 2-0, and advanced in the medal round.  We made it back to the apartment at 1 am, and crashed!  What a great Olympic moment!" ~Rob

And that folks is a wrap-Good Night~Connie