Part 4, Throwback to 2012, Harmottos in London

July 30th 2012

Good Morning All,

We had another family fan arrive yesterday.  Uncle Alec traveled from the U.S. to take a picture with his niece to prove to his coworkers that he his indeed the Uncle of an Olympian.  Apparently they don't believe him.  
The athletes get a block of time for family on days when they are not playing, but it is more important that they rest and relax too.  We met Christa for lunch at the Westfield Mall outside of the Olympic Village. Ahhh we found the people.  Seems to be where the tourist are hanging out, a lot of people but very well controlled.  As soon as we see Christa we get our cameras out because we want to catalog and remember every moment with her there- immediately a line forms and other fans wait for their photo op.  Wow.  She obliged and then we were off to lunch.  There are many athletes in this area-once in a while you recognize one and if you don't know them by name, you can tell by the way they carry themselves, so respectable, so confident, they're special.  

Christa tells us of some of her experiences in the Olympic Village and Opening Ceremonies.  How she and a teammate were excited to see Diane Taurasi in the village, remembering how she was their hero when they were growing up.  In the opening ceremonies line up, they posed with the men's basketball team.

We shopped a little after lunch-she helped her Nolan pick a souvenir for a friend, help Grandmother pick out shoes-always making what little time she has for us.
At one point from a distance,  I watch two little boys (around 9yrs.) approach Christa, they ask her for pictures and ask her questions-she answers and then turns her attention completely to them, asking them about school, activities,  and sports they play or like.  Those moments are so great to me, realizing what a positive impact she has on people.  How athletes have that ability