Part 10, Throwback to 2012, Harmottos in London

Hi ya!  Everyday we set out to experience something new in London, today was no exception.

We met our Olympian for lunch at the West field Mall in Olympic Park.  She looks great, ready, and happy to have some down time with Family.  She explains it has been business as usual in the Village; Gold Medalist's scurrying about.   GO TEAM USA!

The crew splits off, Nathan and Alyssa set out to take in some sightseeing. Rob and I return to the apartment to answer emails, Skype with coworkers and catch up on what is going on at home.  

Grandmother, Eric, Alexia, Emily, Rob and I see the Shrek Musical tonight.  Thoroughly enjoyable!  

Leicester Square is buzzing at 10 p.m., we grab some dinner, people watch, and set out to find a pub.  

Pubs close at 11, interesting.  On a street corner we are approached by a Security Officer offering to stamp our hand to allow complimentary entry to the Verve.  Where is the Verve, oh I hear it or should I say feel it (sidewalk is vibrating from the bass)  Oh what the heck, why not?   Packed house, we make our way on the upper level where we can watch the people down below get their groove on, no designated dance floor, even better.  Alyssa and Nathan give it a whirl.  Picture Nathan (the security team), Alyssa is hysterical!

 Nathan "we had the nerve for the Verve"