Part 6, Throwback to 2012, Harmottos in London,

Hi there.  Today was a free day for us but nonetheless exciting.   First it starts with a celebrity spotting in the Family House.  Giada De Laurentiis from the Food Network was in the salon. I am sitting waiting for Grandmother to finish getting primped-and I see this person getting their hair styled thinking to myself that she looks familiar-but not sure why-then I see her husband and I know it is her, I must be a big fan when I recognize the husband, right.  So I look closer and confirm.  I am going to position myself so that I can tell her how I love her show and she is the reason why I have a dish of coarse salt by my stove.  She walks my way and I take my chance.  "Hi I just want to tell you I love your show and what an inspiration you are to me in Italian cooking" she spends the next 10 minutes talking to me, we converse about our daughters, her work, she introduces me to her husband, he tells me he is from Northern Michigan and didn't know much about volleyball til he moved to California, I think he went to UCLA, I told them how the USA is favored, that Christa plays professionally in Italy-she knew exactly where it was.  She is working on the Today show for the Olympics.  I am so glad I took the chance, she was so nice, very kind, and just as beautiful in person.    

Nolan wins tickets the night before in the Family House (P&G), yes Shawn Johnson pulls his name out of the drawing for swimming tickets-I think she thinks he's cute but he is too shy to talk to her.  Nolan has to leave us today so he can be ready to report to football camp atUniversity of Dayton.  I am so glad he could be here to experience this with us if even for a short time, it's only right he has been following his sister's dream from the beginning.  High School, Junior National Team, recruiting trips, (I think he might have been on every one of them), Penn State, Anaheim, Italy, and now the pinnacle.  He has been such a huge supporter not just in the stands, but in the quietness of our Family.   

The tickets are for some of the final swimming events tonight.  The tickets get us into Olympic Park-normally one would have to buy day passes to see that.  Olympic park is where the Olympic Stadium is (opening and closing ceremonies) and also the venues for the basketball, aquatics, and BMX. We get to our seats, they have a sign on them, RESERVED big timelol!  We sit down to watch Allison Schmitt win the Gold and set the Olympic record in the 200m freestyle!  She was born in the North Hills.  The atmosphere is loud, rows of media and TV cameras, it's awesome!  We watch Michael Phelps win Silver in the Fly.  I was so impressed by him tonight during the medal ceremony-he was so gracious to the Gold and Bronze winners.  A close up is shown of the South African that wins the Gold-he just beats Michael Phelps-can't imagine what he is feeling-wiping his tears-I start crying-I know it's not the US but I am so happy for him!  

 The USA Men's Relay wins gold medal and Michael Phelps becomes the most decorated Olympic Athlete in history!  After the medal ceremony, they begin playing Born in the USA-what an atmosphere!  China's fans sitting in the row in front of us turn around and clap to us when the USA swimmers are announced during the medal ceremony, we offer to photograph each others family holding up their countries flag-the crowd when Great Britain placed in the events in front of their fans, in their country.  It's great to be hereto be a part of everything