Part 7 Throwback to 2012 Harmottos in London

Bloggin from Alexia, August 1st 2012

More USA fans arrived yesterday, Eric, Alexia, and Emily game to cheer the USA.  I asked Alexia if she would like to write the blog today-so here she is! 

Hello chaps! Alexia here, I’m writing the blog today! I came to London Wednesday morning 7:00 am in London, 1:00 am eastern time, traveled to the house we’re staying at, slept for about 4 hours and went to Christa’s 8:00 pm game. The game was USA vs China, USA won, yay! During the game I was very excited being in the actual Olympic Volleyball arena. We waved our bobble head of Christa and held up our Go USA! signs. When the game was over we went to see Christa, and got to hang out with her for a bit before she had to leave. 

We stayed the night at the apartment and Thursday morning got ready, and left to go sightseeing. We went walking across the London Bridge, right before it fell down.  Aunt Connie and I then started speaking in our British accents to see how long we could speak it. We kept it up all day.  Aunt Connie even ordered her coffee with the accent. After we finished our picture taking, we walked on the river walk, to the Tower Bridge and took some pictures of the Olympic rings suspended from the Tower Bridge . We walked on the other side of the river back to go to the Tower of London. When we got to the Tower of London we took a tour through. At first we walked with the group but we then decided that since we couldn’t hear the chap that was our tour guide, we decided to take our own tour. It was a very interesting tour. I learned a lot about London history on that tour. I think Aunt Connie and I both fancied the Royal Beasts exhibit the best.  It talked about how there were once actual animals given as gifts to the king. They had kept the animals in that very room. There used to be polar bears, lions, snakes and various other animals for 600 years. Eventually they decided to move them to the zoo because a lot of people were getting hurt.

Later we went to the P&G house, we ate, went to the salon where I got my hair done, and nails painted in red white and blue. They took pictures of me after my makeover everyone was very nice there and I loved it! After the salon we went down to the man cave and watch USA men’s volleyball defeat Brazil. Go USA! We had a great day and are looking forward to tomorrow. Alexia signing out-Cheers!