Part 8 Throwback to 2012, Harmottos in London

August 4, 2012- Game Day USA vs Serbia

Family on game day!

Family on game day!

Nathan and Alyssa arrived this morning.  That brings the Family Fan Team to 9.  It's great to have them all here with us.  Alyssa, Alexia, and I went for a stroll and had lunch in an outdoor cafe all the while speaking like the British.  The weather has been perfect.  

After a nap for the new arrivals, we were ready to head out to watch USA vs. Serbia.  We arrive to Earl's Court early and go to a local pub for a pint and an appetizer.  Neat little place filled with antiques and big windows that swing out to flower boxes.  We met the Hodges there and reassembled theSecurity team with the newest member, Nathan, he is much more interested in making us laugh by directing us around each corner with his pants yanked up high, butt out and his arms circling wildly and hollering HURRY-THIS WAY THE TUBE IS LEAVING!   

USA defeats Serbia in 3.  Go Team USA! After the game, family can go to an area in the venue and spend time with their athletes before they board the team bus for the Village.  A friend from back home, John and a few of his friends from the Netherlands came back with us, as well as Christa's friends/teammate from Italy.  I would estimate that there are probably around 70 people (close family & friends) total in this section tonight.  Two of the USA players have little ones so it is always nice to see them interact with their Mommy's.  The babies are decked out in red, white, and blue and have their Mommy's number on their t-shirt.  Really sweet.  

Christa is happy to see her brother, Nathan.  She picks up her Italian when speaking with her Italy friends.  We snap some pictures, exchange hugs, say goodbyes and on the Tube we go.  Restaurants line the street near our apartment, tonight we decide to try one-an Italian restaurant with outdoor seating.  The eight of us eat and talk until around 1:00 a.m. , these little ones are troopers!