Part 9, Throwback to 2012, Harmottos in London

August 5th 2012- Alyssa

The blog torch has been handed on—Alyssa’s turn now.

To have the full effect of the trip, we suggest reading in a British accent.

Today was a great day for many reasons. We all started out the morning with some Starbucks and croissants. The family headed on the tube down to Piccadilly to meet Alexia, Emily and Uncle Eric. We had a “splendid time” browsing shoppes, sites, and restaurants. After indulging at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, we sat in the courtyard of St. Paul’s with Londoners and pigeons. Alexia and Emily took pictures of everything in the garden as well as the pigeons, who have all been individually named—Carl, Rodney, Eileen, the gang was all there. There was quite a show in front of St. Paul’s church—a man bared pink spankies and juggled a chainsaw. Quite funny, quite absurd, however it was a unique and fun experience.

Coach (Rob) guided us safely to Earl’s Court. Internal GPS—who knows where we would be without him! After our arrival, we waited to be seated in the stadium. USA vs. Turkey. An exciting game. Section 109 held it’s own. We have some pretty animated, dedicated, and proud fans. And all friends and family have much to be proud of, the team finished 3-0 against Turkey with great contributions from each player. Christa had an amazing match, and the team in its entirety kicked some major butt.

After the game, we trekked back to the homestead—Bond Street tube stop, turn right at the Gap. Don’t you forget it!  We searched far and wide for sustenance, but to no avail. We settled for Tresco pizzas, cheese and brewskis. I wouldn’t say we were settling though, all we needed was some pizza and laughs and we’re golden.

Tomorrow will bring good memories as well. Tune in.