Throwback to 2012, Part 1, Harmottos in London

July 27th 2012

Good Morning! I think I have finally got enough sleep (jet lag) to write a few legible thoughts today.  We arrived yesterday morning in London.  We weren't sure what to expect with all of the previous news reports about Olympic security and public transportation. Aside from an area that was set up as a processing place for Olympic athletes and an area for news reporters and photographers-it appeared to be "business as usual"  We got our baggage and proceeded to the transportation area where we saw a gentleman (shirt and tie) holding a sign up "Mr. Harmotto" our transportation.

On a normal day the commute is 40 minutes and that is how long it took- still business as usual.  Grandmother was surprised that Rob would be the driveror I should say appeared to be.  That takes some getting use to - the same with stepping off of the sidewalk.  Our normal is switched and thank goodness they have it marked on the streets LOOK LEFT or LOOK RIGHT before stepping off the curb.  That was helpful on 4 hours of sleep, and trying to navigate our way around.  On the way we passed some industrial areas but mostly we were weaving in and out of little towns with tutor style houses and apartments with the rod iron flower boxes, very clean streets, narrow too.

We arrived at Marylebone, where we are staying in a two bedroom apartment.  The area is really nice with cafe's, pizzerias, pubs, boutiques and other shops lining the streets.  Last night we took a walk to Regent Park and passed an exclusive area that I was sure would have been normal to see Madonna on her balcony. 

Tickets for opening ceremonies events we heard, if available, are going from around 6 to 10k a piece.  Not sure where we will be watching the opening ceremonies today-there is a place for the families of athletes to watch it so we are going to check into that.  

I will check in tomorrow.