Part 2 Throwback to 2012, Harmottos in London

July 28th, 2012

Top of the day to you!  People have been so friendly here, you just have to look like you need help and they offer-so refreshing!  Yesterday we visited the Procter & Gamble Family House.  They are an official sponsor of the USA Olympics and provide a place for athletes families to go and chill everyday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.  Upon registration we get a name badge, family pin, and a bag of P&G products.  Then begins our tour of services they offer completely complimentary:  Dining 2x per day, laundry service, yes you bring your dirty laundry they wash it and you pick up next day. For the guys,  they have an area called the "man cave" where the guys can get a professional shave (first thing Rob did, loves them and hasn't had one since the day we got married), hair cut, shoot pool, play video games and watch sports on flat screens everywhere.  Gets better ladies, they have a full-service salon for the Mom's and any of their guests, manicure, pedicure, complete makeovers, facials-awesome!  There are places to write your athletes messages, take pictures of posing in Olympic events.  Lots of fun! Totally unexpected-very appreciated! 

The most valuable thing in my opinion is hanging with the other athletes family's, hearing their stories about their athletes, they all have a similar ring-hard work, dedication, sacrifice,  rebound from injuries, disappointments, and triumph!  Tears of joy!  
We watched the ceremonies there, with the other families, they served champagne and appetizers, and dropped red, white, and blue balloons from the ceiling.  Fun!  Nolan and I think we saw Christa for a second, but not sure.  It doesn't matter she was there.  The Americans looked so classy!

Big Highlight for Nolan: Shawn Johnson was in the house and Nolan got a picture with her, she sat by us most of the night!   Go Nolan!

Game tonight!  I will check in tomorrow! GO TEAM USA!