Part 3, Throwback to 2012, Harmottos in London

July 29, 2012 Game Day

Hi Ya! (that's a typical greeting here in England, I love it)  Well today is the big game day.  Picked up our tickets and just chilled til it was time to leave, advised to be at the venue 2 hours before starting time to allow for security and transit.  We left 3 hours just to be sure.  Traveling with the Hodges is awesome camaraderie, also an added bonus, Mr. Hodge 6' 6", Rob 6'4" and Nolan 6'3" is a pretty intimidating force for any potential trouble makers.  Needless to say, I feel very safe traveling at midnight on the Tube.

Messages on facebook-we will be watching, so proud of her, Go Team USA, tears in my eyes,  we are so proud, sending our love, she is so awesome, Hopewell is watching, Penn State proud.....Social Media in it's finest.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! 

Game time-We arrive at the Earl's Court, (the volleyball venue for the Olympics) in plenty of time, security is premium, get in our seats, with our signs and we are ready!  Ayoola and Comfort Akinradewo were to the left beside us.  Comfort and I got our cheer down! we had a two sided sign so I would put the side with GO TEAM USA and she would hold up the side USA VOLLEYBALL. We met a very nice gentleman from England sitting in the row in front of us-he wanted to know all about Danielle Scott Aruda being the 5 time Olympian, so I love all these girls like my daughters, so I was happy to oblige with pride.  Then I pointed out Christa and Foluke and our new friend always turned around when they made a huge play! Neat!  
After the team introduction-game time-introduction did not evoke any emotions, hmm.  Christa on the court, I'm thinking, I love that kid, my little pony tail girl grown up to be a woman and she is gone in a blink of any eye, song that reminds me.  Then Christa goes back to serve and I hear the announcer say "Christa Harmotto serving for the United States." Then it hit me and emotions welled-The United States. The United States.  She is representing the United States!