Good morning from's game day

Good morning-as I take in our view from the apartment window I see the beautiful ocean and mountains, my eye scans to the right where I spot two naval ships and above three helicopters are circling overhead and I am thinking...that we possibly could be more protected right now than the President of the United States.  Hat's off to Brazil for their efforts of keeping the Olympics safe! 

Everyone we have met has been so helpful and friendly...take yesterday for example as Mishal, Hannah, and Hannah make our way to the beach and we are greeted by Marcelo, in a speedo no less...and I mean no less,  he wants to know if we want to play beach volleyball on his team, we respectfully decline and he proceeds to make sure we get through to the beach through the courts-I hold out my hand to introduce myself and thank him and he shakes his head no and holds out his cheek-a light comes on in my head and I realize the customary greeting here between us is going to be a kiss on each cheek, my roomies look on in amusement on how I am going to get out of this one...well the truth is, I am not, Marcelo is waiting and so I meet him "cheek on"- Marcelo and I exchange an air kiss and we are on our way...but not before Marcelo announces us to his teammates and everyone he knows at the beach that we the Americans are coming through-what an entrance we make...there goes the recommended low profile we are to keep, hey there was nothing we could do but put our towels down and be tourists and that we did.

I just have to give a shout out to Christa and sharing her international life that I even know about these things-Christa you would have been proud, I think...


Stay tune will be back with more from RIO and our adventures on game day...please tune in and cheer on the USA today!