VERT Wearable Technology

USA Volleyball and I have joined with a company called VERT, which produces wearable sensors that measure the height and frequency of player's jumps. To streamline my workouts and eliminate unnecessary strain, I have used VERT to keep my body strong and healthy by tracking the amount of jumps I take in a practice. Thanks to VERT's data, I am able to make smart decisions for my body. 

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doTERRA Essential Oils 

Whether in competitive arenas or a local gym, activity is a cornerstone of health. As anyone who has ever donned workout shoes will tell you, athletic activity can tax your body. The doTERRA Athletes Kit was designed with Athletes in Mind and is perfect for supporting healthy lifestyles from competitive to health minded.

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BOSU Pro Balance Trainer + BOSU Ballast Ball

Staying active and healthy is my main priority now that I am retired from elite competition. 

I like to pair the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer with the BOSU® Ballast® Ball to create endless exercise options to help enhance my strength, balance, mobility, and overall fitness levels.

Any exercise performed on the ground may be moved onto the BOSU® Balance Trainer to amplify the challenge and increase results.

Filled with 2.5 pounds of multi-dimensional load, the BOSU® Ballast® Ball stays in place, and allows you to perform exercise progressions and dynamic drills that are not possible on a regular stability ball.

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long tall sally

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Bondwell Gravity Ring

A stylish way to honor my family while traveling and competing all over the world. The Gravity ring's long lasting, medical grade silicone keeps your finger safe and comfortable in any condition. 

They sell strong, active wedding bands to build strong, active marriages.

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Clearview Federal Credit Union

I've been a member of Cleaview  FCU since I was three years old. I got my first auto loan through Clearview, and all my family members have accounts, too. If you become a member of our family, you become a member of the Clearview family as well! 

I'm always accessing my accounts at home and on-the-go with Clearviews Online Banking, Mobil Banking App and Mobil Deposit, and it's great to know my information is safe and secure, and there's always a real person available to help if I need it.

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